About Us

Twinkle Art CentreTwinkle Art is an art studio that's filled with materials that children can enjoy on a purely sensory level.

Here at Twinkle Art, our children create and represent their ideas in a visual form. On the working table, or the cosy platformed corner, our children draw, paint, knead, cut, glue, and put together their own little masterpieces.

Sometimes, sessions are designed to allow them to explore the materials and enjoy the process while other times, they create designs or make some things that represents a real object, place, or even living things.

Our Team

Cosy PlatformThe key philosophy at Twinkle Art is that children learn best through a hands-on approach and that creative art is another language that children can use to express what they know and what they feel. We strongly believe that apart from honing creative skills, art also promotes social, emotional, physical as well as cognitive development. With that in mind, our goal is to facilitate these developments through a conducive environment and in the most fun and exciting way.

All of this is made possible through our wide range of creative programmes which have been conceptualized and executed by a team of dedicated and experienced industry practitioners.

Gary, our co-founder, is a builder by profession but artist by passion. His love for art and particularly, pottery, began in his late teens while he was serving his National Service in the Army. A ceramic vase set had caught his eye after which he dutifully saved up 5 months of his salary to purchase it. Since then, his love and passion for pottery has never waned and he has travelled as far as Venice to admire and appreciate the glass and pottery art found only in Italy.

Modelling ClayTwinkle Art is a dream come true for Gary who wishes to bring his 2 loves of building and pottery together. He believes that like all buildings which require a strong foundation, art and creativity are also the building blocks for a child's all-rounded education.

As with all art centres, ours would not be complete without the resident artist! Our co-founder and art director is none other than Ong Teong Sim (TS). TS is a multi-talented artist whose greatest passion and art form is pottery. TS's work has been featured 3 times in the annual Ngee Ann 3D Art Exhibition. He also holds regular exhibitions displaying his and his apprentices' work; an activity which he hopes to extend to the budding Twinkle Artists in our centre. To hone his craft, TS regularly visits China and Taiwan to advance his skills and repertoire.

Cosy PlatformTS believes in extending his love for Art through teaching. His skill and masterpieces have inspired many budding artists, and many apprentices have since graduated from his program. At Twinkle Art, he hopes to focus on introducing the art form to young children through fun and lively methods, to fuel their passion and inspire creativity.

With more than 15 years of experience teaching Art Programs in various organizations such as The Singapore School of Design, Singapore Polytechnic and Tanglin CC, TS' passion is indeed in teaching his craft.

Twinkle Art is also glad to have Irene Tan onboard as our program director. Holding a Master's Degree, Irene is an early childhood educator who has many years of experience in teaching young children. Having 3 children of her own, she is no stranger to society's demands on education. In fact, her wealth of experience and knowledge are just some of the reasons why she has been engaged as a managing consultant to at least 3 other enrichment centres; in centre operation & curriculum planning. She is indeed an invaluable asset to Twinkle Art.

Last but not least, all of our art instructors have been carefully selected to ensure the highest level of standard. These instructors are very keen in wanting to nurture the creativity of young minds and are either experienced in the areas of childhood education, art instruction or are creative individuals with a great passion for art.

How Art Programs Promote Development

Social / Emotional Development
Art is a natural vehicle for children to express their feelings. Children reflect their thoughts and emotions through their choices of colour, texture, and media.

Physical Development
As children tear paper, use scissors, use the making tools, kneading the clay, pinching the clay, moulding the clay, they refine muscle movement.

Cognitive Development
When children draw, paint, create what they know, they translate their ideas and feelings into art, they use thinking skills to plan, organize, select media, and represent their impressions.

When children experiment with colour, line, shape, and size with paints, fabrics, and working tools they make choices, try out ideas, plan, and experiment. They learn about cause and effect when they mix colours. Through trial and error they grow and learn.